Wian was born in a small town in the Free-State in Southern Africa and after seeing his first magic trick on the Ellen DeGeneres show he tried figuring out tricks for himself and became a self-taught professional magician. He perfected his craft by studying the material of some of the best illusionist in the world. In 2015 he garnered media attention as a contestant on the reality show, South Africa’s Got talent. He rose to fame whilst creating social media content and is currently the biggest magician on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in the Southern Hemisphere and has close to 11 million followers on Tik-Tok. Wian has created his public persona around blending street magic with his unique brand of comedy and his dedication to being kind to others.
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Building on his amazing social media presence, Wian can now be seen on his very own TV show, "Wian", on VIA, DSTV channel 147. The show blends his unique style of close-up magic with his quirky sense of humour as he explores the different sub-cultures of the big city, using it as a backdrop for an impromptu magic show.